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About Us

Egypto Company for touristic

& Real-estate investments

Since 1974, Egypto Group has been one of Egypt’s premier real estate and contracting companies. It has excelled in the Egyptian market, with its fresh new projects and diverse locations. Egypto Group offers the high end class of the society the best quality and service they expect to receive, allowing us to continuously stand out with our expertise.

Egypto For Contracting

Egypto for Contracting is our first company founded in 1974 Until today it is solely responsible for the implementation and construction of all of Eygpto’s projects. From the beginning of Egypto’s career until 1998, Egypto for Construction was involved in numerous numbers of projects, especially in Ein Sokhna, as a main contractor working with several companies. Today, Egypto is dedicated totally to implementing its own construction projects in several diverse locations, such as Paradise Ras Sudr with its three projects, Paradise Katameya, New Cairo and Paradise Marsa Alam.

Egypto For Touristic Investment

Egypto for Tourism Investments was founded in 1997, as the owner company of Paradise Ras Sudr Resort and Hotel. The construction of Paradise Resort was complete in 2002. Paradise Ras Sudr Panorama and Elegance are a result of Egypto's continuous efforts to improve and develop the resort. There are still many plans envisioned for Paradise Ras Sudr, allowing it to expand even further in order to satisfy a larger percentage of our high end clients. Egypto company for Tourism Investments does not intend to stop at Paradise Ras Sudr Resort; however, it seeks a share in the rising tourism markets to expand with even more diverse projects.

Egypto For Real Estate

Founded in 2005, Egypto for Real Estate Investments was formed to take part in the booming real estate market in Egypt nowadays. With the new movement of a large percentage of the elite of the society to New Cairo compounds, Egypto’s first project as a real estate company was chosen to take place in Katameya, New Cairo. Construction of 79 luxury villas initiated in 2007. The villas were fashioned to accommodate the necessities and luxuries of our clients, allowing them to experience life in a relaxed and clean environment. Egypto for Real Estate Investments is eager to look for new locations and various projects to satisfy the growing demand for houses in these new rising locations.

Egyptian International Company for Tourism and Hotels

Egyptian International Company for Tourism and Hotels is one of Egypto’s companies founded in 2001. It owns its first project in Marsa Alam, Paradise, which is planned to become one of the largest resorts in the area. Paradise Marsa Alam, like Ras Sudr, has combined real estate villas and units with hotels to accommodate different types of guests

Paradise Company for Management of Tourism Resorts

It is Egypto’s sister company which is responsible for the management of Paradise Ras Sudr Hotel. Our management team is composed of very qualified hotel managers and experts in the field, dedicated to offer our guests the most pleasant and comfortable stay. Egypto aims for making “Paradise” a brand name for all our projects, indicating the high quality and comfort that our clients receive in our hotels, resorts or compounds.






Hotel Rooms

Company Profile

Egypto Group, founded in 1974 by Engineer Rafik Sarkis, has been operating as one of Egypt’s leading contracting and real estate companies for more than 30 years. For the past few years it gained the tourism investment company to its portfolio. With Egypto’s remarkable number of projects, one can easily say that it acquired the expertise and knowledge needed to satisfy the necessities and pre-requisites of our high end market.

Egypto’s contracting career path started with major Ein Sokhna resorts. In 1998 Egypto for Tourism Investment started construction in it first project in Ras Sudr, Paradise Resort, a set of luxury beach houses, chalets, and an hotel, all managed by Paradise Resorts. The success of the first project was a trigger to start in the second project, Paradise Panorama, and the third, Paradise Elegance & Finally our fourth and latest project Paradise Ilario. Learn More

Contracting Career

Today, Egypto is proud to own Paradise El Katameya Compound, in New Cairo. The construction of 79 luxury villas is currently ongoing, all specifically fashioned to accommodate the high end segment of the society. Our latest project is taking place in one of Egypt’s fastest growing tourism locations nowadays, Paradise Marsa Alam.

To ensure that our hotels and real estate villas are designed perfectly to facilitate the needs of all our guests, we have recruited some of the most talented and professional architects, designers and landscape engineers to envision how our compound can be a true “Paradise”. In 2007 construction initiated to fulfill the elaborate designs of a set of luxury hotels.

Our Projects

Presenting Below Our Projects’ logos, to learn more about these projects, check The Portfolio page.